About us

International Police Cooperation Centre (IPCC) is the national central authority for international police cooperation. The Centre provides a range of advice, support and guidance on policing measures and tools available to tackle all forms of transnational criminality. We work closely with governmental institutions and other operational partners. We provide clarity to police officers and staff countrywide, assisted by our team of experts who are not only able to answer questions and respond to issues that arise from our current needs, but are also able to adapt to any future changes driven by the ever-changing international and domestic operational landscape.

IPCC is a directorate under the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police.

IPCC clusters the following police cooperation channels: INTERPOL, EUROPOL, Schengen Information System/SIRENE and National Focal Point . The responsibilities of the IPCC are laid out in Emergency Government Ordinance nr. 103 of 13 December 2006.

Our vision

The coat of arms symbols of IPCC reflect our vision: a gryphon representing the capacity to overcome obstacles, a dagger symbol for justice and honour, two shaking hands representing alliance and cooperation.
Our mission
Equipping Romanian Police with the tools, skills and information to help combat cross-border and transational crime.
The IPCC supports our operational partners and together fight the threat posed by transnational criminality. 

Contact us

Address Calea 13 Septembrie, nr. 1-5, Bucharest - District 5

Email: ccpi@mai.gov.ro