25 March 2019Sursa: IGPR

The General Inspector's Message on the occasion of the Romanian Police Day

The General Inspector's Message addressed to the Romanian Police staff, on the occasion of the 197th anniversary of the institution's existence.

Every year, March 25th is a special day for all those who proudly wear the uniform of the Romanian Police.

Yes! It is honorable to be part of an important structure of the state and to have the opportunity to become the support of the community through the work you carry out.

Equally, we must be aware that this honor also implies an immense responsibility towards those we are serving, to our colleagues, and, why not, also to ourselves.

This is no big talk! These are realities that we must perceive as they are and they represent us.

Dear colleagues,

We are a family and I ask you to remain united, to support each other and to be better and better in what we do. It can always be more and better. All that matters is to keep our modesty and be aware of the constant need to evolve professionally.

Happy anniversary, Romanian policemen! Happy anniversary, Romanian Police!


The General Inspector of the Romanian Police Police

General Quaestor

Ioan Buda

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