16 April 2019Sursa: IGPR

Romanian Police, on its centennial path from the status of co-founder of ,,Interpol” to the status of trainer

For the Romanian Police, the communist era was only a pause period in its status as a democratic fundamental institution of the group of states of the world for which respect for human rights is just as important as fighting crime.

We say this because more than a hundred years ago, before the historical act of the Great Union of the Romanian People around the Carpathian arch, Romania’s Royal Police Force was a founding member of The International Criminal Police Commission, founded in 1914 at the Monaco Congress.

The Commission was then constituted as an institution for the common fight against national crime, with obvious international trends, becoming the core of the future Interpol. In less than a century, the institution of police turned from a body anchored in oriental medieval time and defender of an outdated tendency, into an essential institution of a modern European according to recent ages.

Even in the post WWII period, until fully being accepted in to the selected club of the European Union Member States at the same time with embracing the typology of the integration of modem procedures of the sister states' police, the Romanian Police has managed to maintain a high level of professional performance; few of the similar institutions had such a high rate of solved cases.

In less than a quarter of a century, Romanian police officers have recovered in all fields: techno - logically, know-how, training human resources, mentality and integration into European and international organizations with competencies in the field. Thus, presently, they have become trainers and providers of experience for neighboring states or for states that are on the same path of assimilation of the Euro-Atlantic values.

That is why on the 25th of March, the Day of the Romanian Police, it finds the great family of the ones that watch over the peace and security of their citizens, police agents and officers as well as civilian personnel, constituted in a social and professional model worthy of success.

Reporting corruption cases

Did you hear about a corruption case? Toll-free call to the General Anticorruption Directorate : 0800.806.806